International Association of Music Lovers is officially registered and recorded under number 210-2781/2-2005/06 on 16-Feb-2005 pursuant to Article 13 of the Law on Associations of Citizens

The creator, main initiator and founder of the Association is Mr. Ljubisa Jovanovic, a clarinet teacher. Although official only since February 2005, the Association and its founders, honorary members and most active associates have had rich cultural heritage, long experience and very commendable results in domestic and international contests and festivals.

The Association gathers a large number of teachers of excellent reputation, outstanding composers, music critics and performers, whose sole aim is to act together and through their activities, both organizationally and professionally, to aid and support seminars, lectures, panels and music manifestations. The task of the Association is to conduct creative ideas whose objectives are education of the population, strengthening of spiritual culture and national identity through presentation of classic music pieces, which still have not been placed properly on the list of cultural and media priorities.

The main goals of the Association are:
- Creation of circumstances to promote music
- Support to musicians in order to enable them to participate in contests, both in the country and abroad

- Organization and engagement of experts and professionals for a better advancement of students
- Collaboration and contact with other similar associations, international governmental and non-governmental organizations and electronic and printed media.