Clarinet quartet “Nevsky” was founded in Belgrade in 2004. The members are Bjelica Milos, Bou Adam, Ulemek Nikola, Jovanovic Djordje. Mentor of the quartet is professor Ljubisa Jovanovic.

The Quartet has won the most significant awards in the country and abroad (First prize in republic of Serbia competition in 2005, Three special awards in the international competition for chamber music in Pancevo 2004, 2005, 2006, Three special awards in the international competition in music school “Davorin Jenko” in Belgrade in 2004, 2005, 2006 and special award in the international competition in Kustendil-Bulgaria 2006.

Its performance and specific sound has put the quartet among highly professional chamber ensembles. As such it was selected by the ministry of culture to play a concert in Serbia’s national exhibition in Moscow called “Serbia 05”. From its beginnings, the quartet has held or taken part-in over 80 concerts („Zahumlja“ hall in Nikšić, The Russian home, The Kolarac hall, The City hall, The National museum Atrium, The Fresco Gallery, Cultural center, The old people home, The city library in Belgrade; The synagogue in Novi Sad; Cultural center in Smederevo; Cultural center in Pozarevac; Cultural center in Kovin; Cultural center in Koceljeva; The town theatre in Kraljevo; The military hall in Podgorica; Cultural center in Kustendil-Bulgaria; The Gostia’s lhall in Moscow and so on) many of which were for humanitarian purpose.

Quartet, also, in addition to classical works, world music and traditional custom for this ensemble, in his repertoire has compositions that are written specifically for him such as “The sonata for four clarinets” by A.Cabarkapa – with this piece he won the second place in the composer’s contest in Birmingham in England, “Zaplanje motives” by Dragoljub Sarkovic – he devoted this piece to the quartet and “Strange composition” for guitar and the clarinet quartet by A.Cabarkapa.

Quartet has performed in national concert season in Serbia, 2008.

In June 2009 Quartet opened the "Clarinet Fest in Kotor.