It was during my visit to Belgrad in February 2006 that I had the pleasure to meet Ljubisa Jovanovic – an extraordinary man and a trully passionate teacher.
I was also very happy to listen to Ljubisa's students who performed for me during a master class. These young musicians, who explore together with their teacher not only the solo and chamber repertoire but also the symphonic music, proved to be truly talented, creative and open minded.

I am deeply convinced that Ljubisa's creative, dynamic and inspiring to others personality is a spiritus movens of the International Association of Music Lovers .Teaching the importance of music in the society, sharing the joy of music with other people, cultivating a lifelong appetite for art and increasing the availability of music and other performing arts for general audiences are the important aims of the association which will help to make our every day life better, fuller and richer.

Jan Jakub Bokun
Associate Professor of clarinet at the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wroclaw, Poland. Freelance soloist and conductor.