With a great pleasure, I am following pedagogical work and activities of Ljubisa Jovanovic, the clarinetist and prominent artist. His students have proved their capability for further professional life, i.e. advanced University studies, as performing activates, above all with the high ranges on the competitions they won.

We should bear in our mind they come to University as health young people who are seeking for more knowledge and progress, and just then we can understand that behind Jovanovic's pedagogical work is serious concern for young people and proper approach to their further development.All educators of young people will understand the great responsibility that lies on Jovanovic's shoulder. Nevertheless, the association is also responsible for these successes of Jovanovic's students. The association which brings together youngsters and prominent teacher.Expanding activities of this association will contribute the development of musical life in our country, and I also expect it will leave deep trace in Serbian art.


Ljubisa Jovanovic,
Permanent professor of the flute in the Academy of Music ( Belgrade , Serbia )
Vice dean in the Academy of Music ( Belgrade , Serbia )
Permanent professor of the flute in the Academy of Music ( Cetinje , Montenegro )