I am very pleased that I was introduced to Prof. Ljubiša Jovanović and his work and very high level he is achieving with his students. International association of music lovers, that is by my opinion very well organized and more then needed, is organization that brings local and international artists. Due to the high interest in valuable and creative ideas, that are realized by the people like Ljubisa Jovanovic (experienced, respectable and energized) firmly are accepted by everyone, as music that has no borders and always with its positive energy connects people.

Though, I am familiarly with work and possibilities of similar associations in Europe and in world, I am honor to be member of International Association of Music Lovers, that meets all artistic expectations – possibilities for work, concerts, student and professor exchange and expansion of knowledge.
I strongly believe that we should expand the idea and work of this association to Slovenia and wider, due we have no such association in Slovenia. As artist and professor I stoutly support aims and activities of Ljubisa Jovanovic and his association.

Slavko Kovacic

1999 Slovenian philharmonic orchestra
2000  Music school in Celje
2002  Music academy in Maribor
Pedagogic Faculty Maribor