Bou Adam
was born in Vrsac 1990th year. Primary music school "Josif Marinkovic" in Vrsac ends in the class of Professor Nenad Ivanovic. In 2008 he graduated from secondary music school “Davorin Jenko” in the class of Professor Ljubisa Jovanovic.

Every year, he is attending master classes of professor Jovanovic. So far, successfully attended master classes with famous professors such as Jan Jakub Bokun, DR. Stephanie Zelnick, Paul Meyer.

He has won a number of special and first prizes at national and international competitions: 7 first prices, 2 special prices, and one second price. In 2008 he enrolled in Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade in the class of professor Ante Grgin, currently in the second year of studies.

Since 2007, becomes a permanent member of the clarinet quartet "Nevsky" with which it is repeatedly performed at charity events and festivals in the country and abroad.

Also, he is the active member of Youth Symphonic Orchestra, with whom he performed at many concerts.

Beside classic music, Bou has an interest in Rumanian folk music. He is the soloist of Banat Rhapsody Orchestra and double laureate of festival of music and folk of Rumanians in Vojvodina.