Milos Bjelica was born in Belgrade in 1986.In 2005 he graduated from secondary music school “Davorin Jenko” in the class of Professor Ljubisa Jovanovic. He graduated from the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade 2009 in the class of Professor Ante Grgin. He works as professor of clarinet in MS "Vatroslav Lisinski" since 2006. His students have so far won 16 first, 4 second and 2 third prizes in contests.

He received the highest awards at national and international competitions (first prize Greece 1997th year, first prize 2003rd and second 2005 in republic of Serbia competition, the international competition M.Š. "Vatroslav Lisinski in Belgrade won the first one of 2005 and special award 2006th year. on international competition M.Š. "Davorin Jenko" in Belgrade won two special awards 2005th and 2006th year and two first prizes 2007th and 2008th and a third in 2009., international Peter Konjović competition in sixth category wins third prize 2008th year)..

Milos Bjelica is one of the founders and a permanent member of the clarinet quartet "Nevsky" since its foundation 2004th yr. The quartet has won seven special and one first prize at the national and international competitions and held over 80 concerts in country and abroad.  Also, is member of the trio Con Spirito, which was founded in 2008, this trio has held numerous successful concerts.

So far, successfully attended master classes with professor Milos Geric, Ljubisa Jovanovic, Jan Jakub Bokun, Paul Mayer, Mate Bekavca, DR. Stephanie Zelnick, Bruno Di Girolamo.

He has performed as a member of the orchestra "Camerata Serbica and Stanislav Binički"

He had a solo performance with orchestra of the Yugoslav Army.
As a soloist and chamber musician he performed in all the important halls in Serbia (Kolarac Hall, home of the Army Yugoslavia, SASA Gallery, etc..), But also beyond the borders of Serbia: in Austria, Germany, Russia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria. He also had a solo and chamber performance in the national concert season in Serbia, 2008.

Milos Bjelica had organized numerous concerts of his colleagues, the most important are: Concert of Maister trio from Slovenia in the hall of the Faculty of Music, concerts of quartet Nevsky throughout Serbia, and so on. Since 2010 he become the President of the International association of music lovers, in which organized humanitarian action and various other activities.